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  • Universal Single Stage HSI Integrated Furnace Control Kit
  • Universal Single Stage HSI Integrated Furnace Control Kit
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Product Description


This easy to install kit includes everything you need for quick and accurate replacement of virtually all White Rodgers and competitive single stage carbide and nitride HSI systems, including Carrier HK42FZ004, HK42FZ007, HK42FZ008, HK42FZ009, HK42FZ011 and HK42FZ016. Replaces All OEM Models - 80 Volts or 120 Volts Ignitor Applications.

Kit Includes:

  • Ignition Control Module
  • 9 Quick-Select/Quick-Connect Wiring Harnesses
  • Universal Nitride Ignitor Kit - 21D64-2
  • Installation Instructions and OEM Cross-Reference


  • 3 Fan Speeds - Cool, Low Heat & High Heat Speeds (Terminal Connections)
  • Color-Coded (Labeled) Thermostat Connection - For Quick Helpful Selection
  • System Diagnostics, with Fault Recall (Stored)
  • Cover Label - Displays Diagnostic Table
  • Red LED Light - Used for Diagnostic Flash Codes
  • Low Voltage - Fuse Protection - 3A Replaceable Automotive Type
  • Humidifier & Electronic Air Cleaner Connections (Optional)



LF8S 265901/50A56-242 Use existing F or 21D64-2, LM8S 265901/50A56-242 F, LY8S 265901/50A56-242 F, GM8S 265901/50A56-242 F, GR8S 265901/50A56-242 F, GY8S 265901/50A56-242 F, GM9F 265901/50A56-242 F, GM9S 265901/50A56-242 F, GY9F 265901/50A56-242 F, GY9S 265901/50A56-242 F, GF8 265901/50A56-242 F, GF9S 265901/50A56-242 F, G8C 265901/50A56-242 F, GG8S 265901/50A56-242 F, GG9S 265901/50A56-242 F, GGLS 265901/50A56-242 F, MG9S 265901/50A56-242 F, TG8S 265901/50A56-242 F, TG9S 265901/50A56-242 F, TGLS 265901/50A56-242 F, DGAD 265901/50A56-242 F, DGAE 265901/50A56-242 F, DGAF 265901/50A56-242 F, UGAA 265901/50A56-242 F, UGAB 265901/50A56-242 F, UGAD 265901/50A56-242 F, UGAE 265901/50A56-242 F, UGAF 265901/50A56-242 F, DGAD 265901/50A56-242 F, DGAE 265901/50A56-242 F, DGAF 265901/50A56-242 F, FL8S 265902/50A56-243 F, FC8S 265902/50A56-243 F, FL9S 265902/50A56-243 F, FC9S 265902/50A56-243 F, LC8S 265902/50A56-243 F, LL8S 265902/50A56-243 F, PS8A 265902/50A56-243 F, PS8B 265902/50A56-243 F, PS8C 265902/50A56-243 F, PS8D 265902/50A56-243 F, PS8E 265902/50A56-243 F, PS9A 265902/50A56-243 F, PS9B 265902/50A56-243 F, PS9C 265902/50A56-243 F, PS9D 265902/50A56-243 F, GY8S 265902/50A56-243 F

GME8 50M56-289 Use existing E or 21D64-2, GMH/GDH 50M56-289 E, GMS8 50T55-289 E & F, GDS8 50T55-289 E & F, GHS8 50T55-289 E & F, GSU/GSM 50T35-730 A & C, – 50A55-289 E & F, – 50A65-289 21D64-2 F

G24M 63K8901, 24L85, 21D64-2 F, 97L48 or 56L83,26 63K8901, 24L85 F, 97L48 or 56L83, G27M 63K8901, 24L85, F, 97L48 or 56L83, G40 56L84, 10M93, 69M08, F, 78M47, 100973-01, 32M88, G41 56L84, 10M93, 69M08, F, 78M47, 100973-01, 32M88, G43 56L84, 10M93, 69M08, F, 78M47, 100973-01, 32M88, G50 or G51 97L48 F, G80UHG 56L8401 or 50A65 F, G80MGF 63K8901, 24L85, F, 97L48 or 56L83, – G951ADB-1401 F, – G951ADB-1401C F, – G951ADB-1401C F, – G951ADB-1402 F, – G951ADB-1402 F, – G951ADB-1403 F

G5RA120-C 624951-X Use existing B, H & I, or 21D64-2, G3 624631-X B, H & I, G4 6245640 B, H & I, G5 6245910 B, H & I, G6 6249557 B, H & I, M2 624628 B, H & I, M3 710128A B, H & I, KG6RC 902378 B, H & I, G3, G4, G5, 624631A or 903106 B, H & I, G6, M2 or M3, – 624564 21D64-2 B, H & I, – 624591 B, H & I, – 624628-0 B, H & I, – 6246310 B, H & I, – 902378 B, H & I, – 902696 B, H & I

R/U GRA 62-22694-XX Use existing B & D or 21D64-2, R/U GSA 62-22732-XX B & D, R/U GTA 62-24044-XX B & D, /U GZC 62-24045-01 B & D, R/U GDG 62-24046-01 B & D, R/U GLH 62-24084-82 B & D, R/U GPH – B & D, R/U GVH – B & D, R/U GZD – B & D, R/U GDJ 62-24268-01 B & D, R/U GLI 62-24268-02 B & D, UGPJ 62-24268-03 B & D

XB80 or 50A55-571 or Use existing F, American Standard 50A55-476 or 21D64-2, XE80 or 50A55-476 or F, Ameristar 50A55-474, XB90 or 50A55-474 F

American Standard
XR80 or Freedom 80 50A65-476 or 21D64-2 F, Single Stage 50A65-475, XR90 or Freedom 90 50A65-475 F Single Stage

– CAR33101972200 21D64-2 F, – CAR03101973000 F, – CAR50A55843 Use existing F or 21D64-2, – 903106 21D64-2 B, H & I

– ICM280 21D64-2 A & C

Honeywell S9201E2001 TEXAS INSTRUMENTS
– 41F-5 21D64-2 A & C, – 6DT-1 F, – 6DT-2 F, – 61F3 F

– 1012-930 21D64-2 A & C, – 1012933D A & C, – 1012-933D A & C, – 1012-83-9336AHC1 A & C, – 1012-83-9337A A & C, – 1012-839651B F, – 1012-925A B & D, – 1012-925B B & D, – 1012-925C B & D

Honeywell S9201E2001

Please note that this universal unit can be configured to meet the unit requirements it is replacing. It simply requires setting the provided wiring into the appropriate junction points on the control board.


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