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This is a BRAND NEW Amana/Goodman/Janitrol Gas Furnace HSI (Hot Surface Ignitor)  part # 20165703S (also 20165703).  This ignitor is identical to the 0230K00001 but does not have an adapter that will connect to older Goodman style ignitors.  If you already have an updated ignitor, as seen in the picture, then this will work for your Amana/Goodman/Janitrol furncae.

Partial List of Amana/Goodman/Janitrol Furnace that use this Ignitor:
DMS90453BXA P1256701F P1256707F DMS90703BXA P1256702F P1256708F DMS90704CXA P1256703F P1256709F DMS90904CXA P1256704F P1256710F DMS90905DXA P1256705F DMS91155DXA P1256706F GCS90453BXA P1257201F P1257207F GCS90703BXA P1257202F P1257208F GCS90904CXA P1257204F P1257209F GCS91155DXA P1257206F GCV90704CXA P1257803F GCV90905DXA P1257805F GDS80453AN GDS80453ANAA GDS80453AX GDS80453AXAA GDS80453AXBA GDS80453AXBB GDS80453AXBC GDS80453AXCA GDS80453AXCB GDS80703AN GDS80703ANAA GDS80703AX GDS80703AXAA GDS80703AXBA GDS80703AXBB GDS80703AXBC GDS80703AXCA GDS80703AXCB GDS80904BN GDS80904BNAA GDS80904BX GDS80904BXAA GDS80904BXBA GDS80904BXBB GDS80904BXBC GDS80904BXCA GDS80904BXCB GDS81155CN GDS81155CNAA GDS81155CX GDS81155CXAA GDS81155CXBA GDS81155CXBB GDS81155CXBC GDS81155CXCA GDS81155CXCB GHS80403AN GHS80403ANAA GHS80403AX GHS80403AXAA GHS80453AN GHS80453ANAA GHS80453AX GHS80453AXAA GHS80453AXBA GHS80453AXBB GHS80453AXBC GHS80453AXBD GHS80453AXCA GHS80453AXCB GHS80604BN GHS80604BNAA GHS80604BX GHS80604BXAA GHS80704BN GHS80704BNAA GHS80704BX GHS80704BXAA GHS80704BXBA GHS80704BXBB GHS80704BXBC GHS80704BXBD GHS80704BXCA GHS80704BXCB GHS80805CN GHS80805CNAA GHS80905CN GHS80905CNAA GHS80905CX GHS80905CXAA GHS80905CXBA GHS80905CXBB GHS80905CXBC GHS80905CXBD GHS80905CXCA GHS80905CXCB GKS90453BX GKS90453BXAA GKS90453BXAB GKS90453BXAC GKS90453BXAD GKS90703BX GKS90703BXAA GKS90703BXAB GKS90703BXAC GKS90703BXAD GKS90703BXAE GKS90703BXAF GKS90704CX GKS90704CXAA GKS90704CXAB GKS90704CXAC GKS90704CXAD GKS90904CX GKS90904CXAA GKS90904CXAB GKS90904CXAC GKS90904CXAD GKS90904CXAE GKS90904CXAF GKS90905DX GKS90905DXAA GKS90905DXAB GKS90905DXAC GKS90905DXAD GKS91155DX GKS91155DXAA GKS91155DXAB GKS91155DXAC GKS91155DXAD GKS91155DXAE GMS80453AN GMS80453ANAA GMS80453ANBA GMS80453ANBB GMS80453ANBC GMS80453ANBD GMS80453ANCA GMS80453ANCB GMS80453ANCC GMS80453AX GMS80453AXAA GMS80453AXBA GMS80453AXBB GMS80453AXBC GMS80453AXBD GMS80453AXCA GMS80453AXCB GMS80453AXCC GMS80703AN GMS80703ANAA GMS80703ANBA GMS80703ANBB GMS80703ANBC GMS80703ANBD GMS80703ANCA GMS80703ANCB GMS80703ANCC GMS80703AX GMS80703AXAA GMS80703AXBA GMS80703AXBB GMS80703AXBC GMS80703AXBD GMS80703AXCA GMS80703AXCB GMS80703AXCC GMS80704BN GMS80704BNAA GMS80704BNBA GMS80704BNBB GMS80704BNBC GMS80704BNBD GMS80704BNCA GMS80704BNCB GMS80704BNCC GMS80704BX GMS80704BXAA GMS80704BXBA GMS80704BXBB GMS80704BXBC GMS80704BXBD GMS80704BXCA GMS80704BXCB GMS80704BXCC GMS80704BXA GMS80704BXA GMS80903BN GMS80903BNAA GMS80903BNA GMS80903BNA GMS80904BN GMS80904BNAA GMS80904BNBA GMS80904BNBB GMS80904BNBC GMS80904BNBD GMS80904BNCA GMS80904BNCB GMS80904BNCC GMS80904BNA GMS80904BNA GMS80904BX GMS80904BXAA GMS80904BXBA GMS80904BXBB GMS80904BXBC GMS80904BXBD GMS80904BXCA GMS80904BXCB GMS80904BXCC GMS80904BXA GMS80904BXA GMS80905CN GMS80905CNAA GMS80905CNBA GMS80905CNBB GMS80905CNBC GMS80905CNBD GMS80905CNCA GMS80905CNCB GMS80905CNCC GMS80905CX GMS80905CXAA GMS80905CXBA GMS80905CXBB GMS80905CXBC GMS80905CXBD GMS80905CXCA GMS80905CXCB GMS80905CXCC GMS80905CXA GMS80905CXA GMS81155CN GMS81155CNAA GMS81155CNBA GMS81155CNBB GMS81155CNBC GMS81155CNBD GMS81155CNCA GMS81155CNCB GMS81155CNCC GMS81155CNA GMS81155CNA GMS81155CX GMS81155CXAA GMS81155CXBA GMS81155CXBB GMS81155CXBC GMS81155CXBD GMS81155CXCA GMS81155CXCB GMS81155CXCC GMS81155CXA GMS81155CXA GMS81405DN GMS81405DNAA GMS81405DNBA GMS81405DNBB GMS81405DNBC GMS81405DNBD GMS81405DNCA GMS81405DNCB GMS81405DNCC GMS81405DX GMS81405DXAA GMS81405DXA GMS81405DXA GMS90453BXA P1256801F P1256807F GMS90703BXA P1256802F P1256808F GMS90904CXA P1256804F P1256809F GMS91155DXA P1256806F GMS950453BX GMS950453BXAB GMS950703BX GMS950703BXAB GMS950704CX GMS950704CXAB GMS950904CX GMS950904CXAB GMS951155DX GMS951155DXAB GMV80703BXA GMV80703BXA GMV80704BXA GMV80704BXA GMV80905CXA GMV80905CXA GMV81155CXA GMV81155CXA GMV950453BX GMV950453BXAB GMV950453BXA GMV950453BXA GMV950704CX GMV950704CXAB GMV950704CXA GMV950704CXA GMV950905DXA GMV950905DXA GMV951155DX GMV951155DXAB GMV951155DXA GMV951155DXA GUCA045AX30 P1219301F P1239301F GUCA070AX30 P1219302F P1239302F GUCA070AX40 P1219303F P1239303F GUCA090AX40 P1219304F P1239304F GUCA090AX50 P1219305F P1239305F GUCA115AX50 P1219306F P1239306F WFD18045S3AX WFD18045S3AXCB WFD18045S3AXCC WFD18070S3AX WFD18070S3AXCB WFD18070S3AXCC WFD18090S4BX WFD18090S4BXCB WFD18090S4BXCC WFD18115S5CX WFD18115S5CXCB WFD18115S5CXCC WFM18045S3AX WFM18045S3AXCB WFM18045S3AXCC WFM18070S3AX WFM18070S3AXCB WFM18070S3AXCC WFM18070S4BX WFM18070S4BXCB WFM18070S4BXCC WFM18090S4BX WFM18090S4BXCB WFM18090S4BXCC WFM18090S5CX WFM18090S5CXCB WFM18090S5CXCC WFM18115S5CX WFM18115S5CXCB WFM18115S5CXCC WFM18140S5DN WFM18140S5DNCB WFM18140S5DNCC

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